Meet the Cast!

James Dorringtton/Kihp (He/Him) is the voice you will hear the most on Kamen Ride With Me. He is the Creator/Host/Producer and is on every episode. He is your Old Fan, the person who has liked Toku for years and loves to talk to other people about it. He hopes you enjoy the show whether you know what we are talking about or not.

James Baker/Copacetic Senpai (He/Him) is the first cohost of Kamen Ride With Me. He is an avid fan of anime and movies. He was there for Kamen Rider Zero One episode to episode and is doing the same for Kamen Rider Saber. After a year as a newcomer to toku he has finally found himself enjoying it and is now your New Fan.

Stef (She/Her) is the third member of Kamen Ride With Me. She joined in the second year and is featured on alot of our short to medium looks at different movies and series. She comes to Toku with a fresh set of eyes and is the new newcomer to the genre.

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