78: Kamen Rider Saber 29 & 30

Kihp and James Baker continue on our year long look at Kamen Rider Saber. This week we watched episodes 29 & 30, a set of episodes about overpowered siblings, confusing powers, and self doubt.

Next Week, Kihp and Stef finally get back to various toku series introductions! We look at Ultraman through the lens of its 90s popularity by watching Ultraman Tiga 1-4 and Ultraman Cosmos 1-4.

The Following week is a double dose of Kamen Ride With Me! On our Friday normal episode Kihp and Copacetic Senpai cover Kamen Rider Saber 31 & 32. There will also be a bonus episode comparing the 90s live action Gridman who to its AmericanToku adaptation, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad

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