In The Name of The Moon I’ll Podcast You! Episode 1

CW: Eating Disorders and Anorexia

Its a full moon but its not werewolf time, it’s Sailor Moon! On this, the full moon one week before the titular Sailor Moons Birthday we are excited to launch a new monthly series!

In The Name of The Moon I’ll Podcast You!

This is a monthly look at the anime and live action Sailor Moon series with Kihp his partner Aly! In this first episode we look at episodes 3-8 of the original anime sailor moon. This is following episode 82 of Kamen Ride With Me where we looked at the first 2 episodes of the Sailor Moon anime and the 2003 live action Toku series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.
Next Full Moon we look at episodes 9-15 of the Sailor Moon anime and episodes 3-4 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!

For the usual Kamen Ride With Me feed you can check out Kihp and Copacetic Senpai talk about Kamen Rider Saber 37-40 on Friday.

Next week Kihp and Stef continue our Hot Hibiki Summer with Kamen Rider Hibiki 9-15!

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Thanks to Beserk for the use of our theme song Kamen Rider Love Song.

Sailor Moon Pop” by Bojan Sinkovic, used under CC BY

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