96: Kamen Rider Saber Finale

The Reiwa cast reaches the end of its second year with the last five episodes of Kamen Rider Saber! Kihp and Copacetic Senpai talk about the final arc of saber, its special bonus episode/ team up, and make a short list of shows they are going to look at to try and cover for next year!

Next week the Book Club Cast is back for part 6 of the Hibiki book club. as Kihp and Stef look at Kamen Rider Hibiki episodes 37-42 & The Hibiki Hyper Battle Video.

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Songs used are ALMIGHTY ~ Kamen no Yakusoku by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra with Yoohei Kawakami, Rider With Me Chiptune by anonymous, and Rewrite the story by Syuichiro Naito, Takaya Yamaguchi and Ryo Aoki.

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