103: Faucets and Sweaters Make Halloween Drip, Kamen Rider Build 3-4, Chojin Sentai Jetman 3-4

Its Halloween and we are all about that drip here at Kamen Ride With Me. Kihp and Copacetic Senpai check out the bloody faucets of sentai and the fits of Kamen Rider as we cover Chojin Sentai Jetman and Kamen Rider Build episodes 3-4.
On Sunday we have a special Halloween Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episode coming featuring return guest David of the Tokyo Fresh Pod. We talk about episode 25 of season 1 Life’s a Masquerade, episode 54 of season 1 Trick or Treat, and episode 21 of season 2 Zedd’s Monster Mash.

Next Month for In The Name of the Moon Episodes 6, Kihp and Aly talk about episodes 31-34 of Sailor Moon and episodes 9-13 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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Songs used is a halloween edit done by James Dorrington Kamen Rider Love Song by Beserk.

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