In The Name of The Moon I’ll Podcast You! Episode 6

The gangs all here on this episode of In The Name of the Moon Episode 6. Kihp and Aly talk about episodes 31-34 of Sailor Moon and episodes 9-13 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in our monthly bonus episode. Finally all of the Sailor Senshi are together!

For our regular episode Friday Kihp speaks with Bret, a podcaster and editor, about Kamen Rider Revice episodes 1-4. This show was passed on for a variety of reasons in the reiwa pod but we are going give it a detailed and critical look.

Next Week Kihp and Copacetic Senpai look at Kamen Rider Build and Chojin Sentai Jetman episodes 7-8!

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“Sailor Moon Pop” by Bojan Sinkovic, used under CC BY

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